President Trump has cited that he is pleased with his senior counsel for being straightforward regarding his communication with Russia. However, DNC deputy Adrienne Watson refuted the claims by saying that Kushner's clearance should be denied, and he ought to lose his employment. The spokeswoman of DNC Adrienne Watson told media that the Trump team is once again disclosing selective information. A White House official said that the senior counsel is ready to lay out facts to uncover the present probe.

President Trump is happy with Kushner's approach

By the same token, President Trump cited that he was exceptionally pleased with Kushner that he voluntarily suggested talking to the board. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told journalists that Kushner is trying to be extremely straightforward with his collaborations. This information was reported hours after Kushner met the senate intelligence committee staff at the Capitol Hill. Kushner met the agents of the Senate Select Committee to request their cooperation with foreign governments, especially the Russians.

Sarah Sanders told reporters that she thinks Kushner demonstrated to the board of trustees what a scam he's been dealing with lately.

Likewise, President Trump is also of the opinion that Kushner made an incredible showing and was extremely happy that he could experience the procedure and lay everything out.

Kushner is testifying before the Senate Select Committee in the wake of presenting an 11-page explanation to the advisory group's staff. In the statement, Kushner has straight denied conspiring with Russia amid the 2016 election.

Additionally, the President's son-in-law cited that he had no ill-advised contacts with the Russian authorities. These statements were released by Kushner during a press meeting at the White House, after the official meeting with the senate.

Kushner called on media to hear him out

The White House counselor said that Kushner voluntarily expressed interest in sharing requisite information and documents with the investigating bodies.

After that, the 37-year-old Kushner appealed to media to give him a chance to clarify that he didn't conspire with Russia, nor he is aware of any other individual who did. He added that he was not dependent on Russian assets for his organizations. Nonetheless, the DNC has named jared kushner's case of being straightforward as ludicrous. DNC chief director has consistently requested authorities to revoke Kushner's employment with the White House.