White House officials, told media, that Miller might get elevated, to a communications role, in addition to his present capacity as an adviser. The chief strategist of White House, Steve Bannon, favors the reorganizing, however, he suggested that Miller might not get the title of communications director.

Why is Trump considering Stephen Miller for the role?

Miller is the West Wing hero, after he condemned Acosta, for his seasoned views on immigration. In fact, Miller's colleagues high-fived him after he finished that press briefing, Sebastian Gorka, a national-security aide told media.

President loves Miller's over-the-top TV performance, however, seems uninterested in the planning responsibilities, of a communications director.

Miller was effectively an adjunct of the editorial team in Sessions office, where he worked closely with Julia Hahn, then Breitbart's reporter. Also, Miller claimed that he had a direct line to Matt Drudge, resulting in a joke, that Sessions office had acquired a permanent lease on the prized Drudge links. Miller also has a history of bothering reporters at wee hours, to pitch his stories.

John Kelly wants to bring in David Lapan for this role

In the intervening period, CNN reported, that, the new staff chief, John Kelly, wants to bring in, his former Security spokesperson, David Lapan, for the role.

Kelly is reported to have expelled Anthony Scaramucci, who officially held the role of communications for five consecutive days.

CNN received information from 2 high-level administration sources, who confirmed, that Lapan, is at the top of the list, to serve the White House's communications and messaging department. Scaramucci was contrived to quit his responsibilities as the communications director, after Kelly was sworn in, as the Chief Of Staff.

Kelly relinquished the news to Scaramucci, in his office, with two additional people being aware of the unexpected turn of events. In fact, Kelly's first official act, as the chief of staff, was to terminate Scaramucci's services. Kelly is a former Marine general, known for his punctilious character. Kelly said, Scaramucci was not disciplined enough and had lost his credibility, post he delivered the New Yorker magazine interview.

Scaramucci had no plans to resign; a person confirmed after he spoke to Scaramucci on Monday morning. Likewise, White House officials confirmed, that Kelly, wanted Scaramucci fired from his new role as the communications director. The endeavor to find a successor, for the communications role is still in the crucial process, and sources reveal, that, Miller might not be the top contender after all.