Ivanka Trump is stirring outrage after filling in for her father at a meeting among Heads Of State in Hamburg, Germany on Saturday. Ivanka accompanied the president to the G-20 Summit and took over his seat when he had to leave the room. The Washington Post reports that this is "unusual" since government ministers are typically the ones to sit-in for world leaders.

Ivanka sits at main table

According to the report, Ivanka Trump briefly sat in her father's place "briefly" when he had to leave during the "Partnership with Africa, Migration and Health" session.

The first daughter was placed right next to Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May and was one seat down from Russian President Vladimir Putin. A photo of Ivanka seated at the main table among the world leaders is seen in a tweeted image below.

Outrage follows

The hundreds of comments on the article illustrate the frustration people are feeling about Ivanka Trump sitting in for her father at the summit. Many say they didn't realize Donald Trump voters were also voting for Ivanka. Several ranted how wrong it was and that Trump isn't acting like he's the people's president.

One joked that maybe next Trump will have one of his grandchildren sit in for him. Someone else remarked that it wouldn't be a surprise to see Barron Trump take his place at some point.

Prior to the summit, Ivanka went with her father to the World Bank session on women's entrepreneurship, one of the platforms that she's working on in Washington, D.C.

At the meeting, the president praised Ivanka and told the leaders that she's a "great champion." He also mentioned that he doesn't make her life easy. It doesn't sound like she's getting much sympathy on that front, however.

First daughter in the thick of politics

It wasn't long ago Ivanka Trump said in an interview with "Fox and Friends" that she tries to stay out of politics.

She explained that she likes to "lean on the issues" she cares most about. Her comments drew swift criticism because they made little sense coming from someone who has the U.S. president's ear.

Prior to her latest interview, Ivanka told "Fox and Friends" that she didn't expect the "level of viciousness" from the media that she encountered in Washington. She explained that it was a real eye-opener to experience firsthand the personal attacks that came her way. All anyone has to do is take a look at her social media accounts and see what she's talking about.

Are you furious to hear that Ivanka Trump sat in her father's place at the G-20 Summit in Germany?