During the Obama Administration in 2009, there was a threat from the North Korean Government to hit Hawaii with its nuclear armaments. The US government positioned its anti-missile equipment to strengthen its defenses in the Pacific State. Now the threat is real and back after the rogue nation successfully tested its ICBM that is capable of hitting Alaska and Hawaii.

Pyongyang specified Alaska and Hawaii as the primary ICBM targets

America's two Westernmost states of Alaska and Hawaii are the most likely targets that the North Korean Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles seem capable of reaching.

Hawaiian politicians are pushing to prepare the 1.4 million Hawaiians in the event of a nuclear fallout with the backing of Governor David Ige and his Emergency Management Agency Administrator Vern Miyagi, reports The New York Times.

Governor Ige is working with the Department of Defense under Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr. at the US Pacific Command headquarters in Oahu to assure the defense of Hawaii against a nuclear attack. Besides the availability of survival guidelines, new measures are being practiced like nuclear drills in public schools and establishments all over the state island.

US West Coast preparing for imminent nuclear strike

Antimissile equipment brought about by fleets of military trucks, boats, and aircraft ready the defenses along the lines of Los Angeles.

The state of California is also bracing for an impending Nuclear Strike. The US is not taking any chances but to be always ready, in case the situation blows up in nuclear proportions, says Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joe Dunford.

Weapons Expert David Wright of the Association of Concerned Scientists says that at the rate of progress of North Korea's nuclear program, Other states like Portland and Seattle will be in the range of their ICBMs after a couple of years.

Hawaiian Legislator Matthew Lopresti says that a wipe-out is what people usually think in a nuclear aftermath, it is not. People will die, but more people will be saved if they are prepared to face the consequences of the event, reports The Los Angeles Times.

Missile defense systems recommissioned by Pentagon for testing

Meanwhile, United States Department of Defense and the Pentagon will soon be retesting its missile defense systems.

The THAAD (Thermal High Altitude Area Defense) missiles will be on test on a specified island of Kodiak, Alaska. The Mayor of Anchorage, Ethan Berkowitz jokingly said that he is more concerned of the moose in Alaska than the ICBMs striking the State.

At any rate, Hawaii and Alaska are better off preparing for the clear and present danger that both states are facing. These two islands will surely be sounding their sirens when an ICBM is set towards their destination.