North Korea has put America on alert by announcing that it is developing an ICBM capable of reaching the mainland of the U.S. and while Alaska has not attached much importance to the claim, Hawaii is playing safe. It is not taking chances and has set in motion a campaign to educate its people on various aspects related to a nuclear attack.

The Hawaiian campaign

Daily Mail UK reports that the Hawaiian campaign is by Aloha State's Emergency Management Agency and it will impart knowledge about regular Cold War-style evacuation drills for the schools on the Hawaiian Islands.

There will be an emergency siren along with public broadcasts to remain indoors during any nuclear attack. The siren will sound on the first working day of every month so that everyone gets used to it.

Tourism officials fear that such a move could have an adverse effect on tourism of Hawaii which is a popular vacation destination and the biggest source of income for the country. However, Vern Miyagi, chief of Aloha State's Emergency Management Agency, explains that Hawaiians must be prepared for the worst as they do when natural disasters like hurricanes and tsunamis strike.

The intention is to take the people into confidence, so a public campaign is necessary. Such an action will ensure that residents are aware of what they should do in the worst case scenario.

He added that there is evidence of North Korea proceeding with its ballistic missile programs and a missile could reach Hawaii. Therefore, it is better to be ready for any eventuality rather than be caught unawares.

World is sitting on a keg of gunpowder

North Korea has already conducted two nuclear tests in the recent past and its missile-related activities are believed to be progressing at an unprecedented pace.

The worst part is that it is able to finance its projects in spite of international sanctions. It claims that its latest missiles have reached a stage where they can be fitted with a large nuclear warhead but specialists in the know have doubts about the capabilities of Kim’s team. It is a secretive regime and outsiders do not have access to its workings, so one can only presume that it has acquired the necessary expertise and has to be taken seriously.

The whole world is sitting on a keg of gunpowder and Hawaii is taking precautions for the safety of its people in case of a nuclear attack. North Korea leader Kim Jong-un should realize that nuclear weapons can lead to massive loss of lives and property as happened in Hiroshima.