When you think of "The Apprentice" or "Celebrity Apprentice," you envision Donald Trump sitting at the head of the table scrutinizing each contestant before declaring those famous words to one of them: "You're fired." In viewing an episode of the reality show, Trump appears to know who the best people are to keep on the show before sending one of them out the door. A former contestant of "Celebrity Apprentice" gives a different account of what the U.S. president's role on the NBC show was. By his account, Trump had nothing to do with the decision-making process of who got fired at the end of each episode.

Star's expose on Trump

Former "American Idol" runner-up, Clay Aiken, recently said in a "Domecast" interview that Donald Trump didn't choose who got fired on the show, the network did. "Trump didn't decide who got fired on 'Apprentice,'" Aiken said. "I mean, NBC made those decisions."

Aiken offered more of what he knew in the interview about what was false in the show. He revealed that there was a small device on Trump's desk that resembled a phone, but it was actually a teleprompter he received notes on from the producers. The former "Celebrity Apprentice" cast member continued that Donald Trump had no idea who was feuding on the show throughout the week while they were working on projects; it was the producers.

Trump obtained all of his information from the producers' notes. So, whenever Trump would say something like, "Oh you two didn't get along," he was instructed to make those comments.

Clay Aiken's claims are momentous and will undoubtedly come as a complete shock to fans of the show. Trump was the star and its success was largely attributed to the fact he's an iconic businessman.

It gave the public a chance to watch their favorite stars compete in business projects for charity, and watch Donald Trump weed out those he thought were weak in key areas. It illustrated on some level what makes Donald Trump who he is. His input on others performance in a business setting was enlightening to millions. If Aiken's allegations are true, it undermines everything Trump did on the program.

Revelation remained quiet for years

Of all the years and past contestants who've been on "Apprentice," it seems strange that it took so long for this information to get out if it's true. Trump has many non-supporters in the Hollywood community who've been on the series, and if they knew this was a misleading factor in the show, why haven't they said anything about it?