Donald Trump targeted Chelsea Clinton in his latest rant on Twitter after his daughter, Ivanka Trump, was criticized for sitting in his place at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany on Saturday. The U.S. president was miffed at the outrage over Ivanka sitting in his place in the meeting when he had to briefly leave the gathering that comprised of world leaders.

Trump goes after former first daughter and she fires back

According to an early morning tweet Monday morning by Donald Trump, had Chelsea Clinton sat in for Hillary Clinton at the summit, the "fake news" media would've been praising the move and rallying, "CHELSEA FOR PRES!" The president explained that he had to leave the conference room to have short meetings with Japan and asked Ivanka to sit in his place.

The move drew swift criticism and a photo of Ivanka sitting in the meeting went viral.

Chelsea Clinton fired back at Donald Trump's tweet, writing, "It would never have occurred to my mother or my father to ask me. Were you giving our country away? Hoping not."

Merkel defends Ivanka

German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended Ivanka for taking Trump's place.

She said that everyone is well aware of Ivanka's role at the White House as a senior-level aide to the president, so it made sense that she sat in the U.S. president's place at the G-20 Summit meeting.

Prior to Ivanka taking a seat at the main table in the summit meeting, she was in the back of the room. She had also attended other meetings prior to that with her husband, Jared Kushner, the president's senior adviser.

Ivanka is working on women's empowerment initiatives and took part in meetings with her father that centered on those issues.

A new partisan issue

Chelsea Clinton doesn't believe that her mother would've asked her to take her seat at an international summit, but she may not have been someone on her mother's staff had Hillary been elected president.

Chelsea did campaign for her mother and has been a voice for the Democratic Party.

The whole thing with Ivanka Trump sitting in for her father at the G-20 Summit has become a partisan issue as well as a personal one. A lot of people reacted with fury when they heard Ivanka sat in the president's place -- not realizing that Ivanka was a package deal when voters elected Donald Trump for president.

Would the same reaction have taken place had Chelsea Clinton been in Ivanka Trump's position? Do you think Hillary Clinton would've asked her daughter to step in while she left the conference room?