In a controversial statement, businessman Elon Musk said that he had already received government approval to build his conceptual "hyperloop" system. Last Thursday, the billionaire said that the system will enable passenger-carrying pods to travel in high-speed using the vacuum-sealed tunnels or tubes from New York to Washington.

The pods will be designed to travel at near "supersonic" speed cutting the travel time from NY to DC in only 29 minutes. Some doubted the approval allegedly given to Musk's Boring Company. But Musk confirmed that he had already received a verbal approval to build the conceptual Hyperloop system linking New York, Baltimore and Washington DC.

Hyperloop travel

The above-mentioned route is 330 kilometers (200 miles) long. Usually, it will take three hours from end to end by train and 1 hour and 15 minutes by plane. But Musk is confident that by building the Hyperloop it can definitely decrease the time spent in traveling to only 29 minutes. Due to the confusion with regard to the permit, the US Department of Transportation sent a query to the White House. The White House, in turn, did not confirm nor deny Musk's claim that the building of his Hyperloop system was already approved by the government.

Green light or not?

Based on the report by AFP, both the government and the businessman are committed to paving the way for "transformative" infrastructures.

The government also recognized the contribution of private companies and their passion in pursuing innovative projects. This, however, did not confirm whether or not it is a go for Hyperloop in New York city.

Industry experts say that in order to build the structure, the Boring Company needs approval from several state departments to build a project this big.

Musk also announced that he knew how much work is still needed before a formal approval will be released. Musk opened a competition to see whose company can present a plan to build the Hyperloop train. So far, he still hasn't decided yet which firm he will choose to develop the pods or trains. Musk is already building the tunnels that are also supposed to cater to his Boring Company's pods that will then transport cars in underground tunnels to ease traffic.

Hyperloop One, one of the companies who joined the competition recently, tested its Hyperloop propulsion system. According to the company, their propulsion system is capable of transporting pods in a vacuum-sealed tube for as fast as 760 miles per hour.