A Guatemalan mother of four children sought sanctuary in her local church in Connecticut to avoid deportation. She is a Single Mother and has been in the United States since 1993, Reuters reported.

The mother, identified as Nury Chavarria, was ordered by immigration officials to leave the country and head to Guatemala last Thursday. This is part of President Donald Trump's plan to deport unauthorized immigrants living in the country.

Chavarria’s case is the latest of many cases regarding immigrants ordered to be deported to the countries they came from even if they have not had run-ins with the law.

Most of these immigrants are parents, and they would be leaving their families behind.

Immigration agents do not want to make arrests at sensitive locations

Chavarria did not follow the orders and instead, the 43-year-old housekeeper went to Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal church located in New Haven, Connecticut. She is being represented by attorney Sid Sinha with the Formica Williams firm.

In the past, those who sought refuge in churches could not be arrested. This is no longer followed now but the U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement spokesman Khaalid Walls said that they want to avoid making arrests at sensitive locations as much as possible. Aside from churches, the other sensitive locations are hospitals and schools, according to Reuters.

Immigrant has a child who has cerebral palsy

Chavarria left Guatemala due to violence at home. She became a single mother in the United States and has four U.S.-born children. Her children’s ages range up to 21 as the oldest and her youngest child is nine. Her eldest child has cerebral palsy. Her youngest daughter, Hayley, said in a statement while outside the church, “She’s not a criminal.” Christian Post added that Hayley told reporters that her mom has a positive attitude about everything and she wants her to stay because she loves her mother so much.

Hayley directly addressed Trump and said, “Don’t separate my family.”

In the past, she received grants to stay in the country because she has to take care of her four children as a single mother. She did receive deportation orders over the past 24 years but she refused to leave.

Chavarria receives support from local government

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy took to Twitter to say that Chavarria is a mother who has no criminal record. He pointed out that they have no problem with her and she is welcome to live in their state.

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy also said that although he believes that laws should not be broken, he cannot see the logic behind Immigration and Customs Enforcement to have Chavarria deported despite the many times she was allowed to stay because of her kids. Connecticut's Third District Representative Rosa DeLauro also said that she hopes the Immigration and Customs Enforcement would stop deporting people who do not have run-ins with the law and who play by the rules.

Agents in law enforcement believe that Chavarria is a fugitive because she failed to return to Guatemala despite the order last week, WNPR reported.

It remains unknown what will happen to Chavarria and her family.