Recent crimes and random shootings have really taken its toll so that even Comic conventions are now tightening their security for the safety of the public. People with realistic looking costume weapons are being banned from taking the toys inside the convention hall and cosplayers are not happy about it.

Comic conventions are the only place where cosplayers can show off their creations to the public. This is the perfect event for people to have their pictures taken with their favorite video game characters, heroes and even super villains.

They have spent a good amount of time and effort perfecting the way their costumes look and most of it comes with a type of weapon.

If they are not allowed to take their costume weapons inside, then the whole costume would be incomplete, losing the very essence of why cosplayers made their costumes in the first place.

Comic conventions need to secure their events

Perhaps organizers do have a point with tightening security to deter would-be assailants? In May, a man wearing body armor was reportedly arrested at a Comic Convention in Phoenix for carrying loaded handguns, a knife, a shotgun and he even carried throwing stars. When the man was asked what all those weapons were for, the man simply said: “to kill bad police.”

CNET report that organizers of the event have banned all weapon props for the rest of the convention, including weapons made from cardboard.

The Comic convention in Denver the following month also banned toy guns, wooden bat, brass knuckles, and whips, among others.

The San Diego Comic convention will implement usual guidelines

A spokesperson for the event was not at liberty to say any details about their security. However, it seems that the SDCC will have its usual guidelines implemented this weekend.

All costume weapons entering the event should be non-functional. The tips of arrow props should be removed and must be bundled and zip-tied. Sword props must be properly tied to costumes and must not be drawn.

In addition, security might provide a protective wrap for costume weapons that have sharp edges like katanas and daggers and if a weapon is too realistic looking for the security, the cosplayer that brought the weapon in may have to leave the item with security for the whole day.

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