The Phoenix Comic-Con sent out messages to attendees this past weekend and asked them not to bring any prop weapons of any sort. This includes prop guns, swords, and anything that looks like a weapon, even if it is clearly fake. This was because a man was arrested entering the Comic-Con with loaded guns, with the intent to kill a special guest. According to the man, who called himself "The Punisher," he was there to kill "bad police officers" and the Green Power Ranger, Jason David Frank.

The Phoenix Comic-Con Incident

The arrest at the Phoenix Comic-Con happened on Friday when a man tried to get into the event with two 45-caliber handguns, a .454-caliber handgun, and a 12-gauge shotgun.

All the weapons were fully loaded. He also had a combat knife, pepper spray, and throwing stars. He actually made it past security and was caught in the event.

The man admitted to the police when arrested that he had two missions at the Phoenix Comic-Con. One was to kill "bad police officers," who he said had kind faces but were bad men inside. He hen said that his other goal was to finish something he started years earlier and that was to kill Jason David Frank, the Green Power Ranger.

The man arrested, 30-year-old Matthew Sterling, said he felt the rules of not bringing loaded guns to events like this did not apply since he was "The Punisher." Sterling was charged with attempted murder, resisting arrest, aggravated assault, carrying weapons in a prohibited place, and wearing body armor while attempting a felony.

He has been booked on a $1 million bond.

Jason David Frank

According to the police report, the man had a phone calendar reminder to "Kill JDF" set for May 25. The man said he had attempted this before with a stabbing and planned to finish it this year. Jason David Frank, who was appearing as a special guest at the Phoenix Comic-Con, thanked fans for their concern and support in a press conference and on Facebook Live.

Jason David Frank also asked fans attending the Phoenix Comic-Con to leave their prop weapons at home for this event. He said that they still could have fun and cosplay right without the props and asked fans to be respectful of the event and the people working there this weekend.

According to the former Green Power Ranger, events like the Phoenix Comic-Con are ripe for these kinds of attacks.

Frank said that there is little security at the conventions and actually referred to them in a TMZ interview as "pathetic." However, Jason said that he won't stop appearing at the events and will not let something like this come between him and his Power Rangers fans.