Andrew Morton, author of a book about the Princess of Wales, said that reports comparing Princess Diana with Kate Middleton are totally wrong. The writer of “Diana: Her True Story” wrote about Prince Charles and his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, her suicide attempts, her bulimia and reiterated that the Duchess of Cambridge is very different from her deceased mother in law.

Reasons why Princess Diana and Kate Middleton are two different people

There were several reasons cited by the author as to why he said that the two women are totally opposites.

First, Kate Middleton was gently introduced into the royal family and she and Prince William work together while Princess Diana was thrust into the family and was left alone to survive on her own. Second, instead of a partner, Prince Charles became a competitor unlike Kate who is like a teammate to the Duke of Cambridge.

Third, the mother of Prince Harry had intense humanitarian endeavours, hugging and touching HIV-AIDS patients in the 80s and fought for the end of landmines in Angola, Cambodia, and Bosnia. Kate’s charitable works was with her husband and Prince Harry.

Fourth, Prince Charles’ ex-wife was daring when it comes to dressing while Kate opts for safer and “middle of the road glamour” says Morton in News.

Fifth, Princess Diana had a bleak childhood unlike Middleton who has supportive parents and competitive sister.

However, the two women who have infiltrated the British royal kingdom have similarities. Both of them attract massive crowds when travelling abroad. The mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte has the same warm personality as Princess Diana.

Both are, also, fashionable and loving to their children.

The Diana: Her True Story author says Princess Diana personally revealed book contents

Andrew Morton has made revisions to his book after 25 years from its publication to mark the upcoming 20th anniversary of the death of the woman who touched millions of lives all over the world.

The book was based on tapes of the Princess herself as per Courier Mail. Her death had a tremendous impact on the lives of her two young sons. Her young life was taken by a car accident in Paris together with her boyfriend Dodi al-Fayed and their driver Henri Paul.

To commemorate her anniversary Prince William and Prince Harry commissioned the erection of her statue in Kensington Palace garden. The Princes have spoken about the effects of her death upon their lives which they have not done in two decades. Princess Diana’s life was cut short but her legacy remained etched in the hearts of the people. Kate Middleton has in one way or another replaced the vacuum left by her demise.