Dating and relationships have changed immensely over the years, as many couples today originally met through a dating site, app, or other online mediums. Gone are the days of meeting someone at a bar and these two Ohio students couldn't be more of an example of this change. If you could dream up the perfect Tinder date, this may very be one to top the list.

The story of how they met is quite unique

It isn't very often that two individuals message each other on Tinder for three years without ever meeting, but this was exactly the case for Josh Avsec, 22 and Michelle Arendason, 21.

The pair had had a Running Joke since 2014, when they first met on September 20. Avsec shared their witty banter on Twitter, saying that he will one day meet this girl to take her on a date, and their conversation immediately went viral. So many "fans" of the couple started saying that they should get married and that they are obviously meant to be together.

The running joke that made them famous

Within the conversation, each of them would respond several months later apologizing for being busy or doing something so minute that would never actually serve as an excuse for being MIA, like "Sorry my phone died" or "Sorry, was in the shower." They didn't think that the other person would keep the joke going, but neither of them wanted to be the one to break it.

Now, they finally met on ABC's Good Morning America on July 25 and the pair couldn't be any cuter. Before going on stage, they were separated by a wall and hosts Michael Strahan and Lara Spencer asked each of them questions about their idea of the perfect date. Both Avsec and Arendason seemed quite excited and somewhat nervous about seeing each other in person.

Though their initial meeting might not have been love at first sight, since their first encounter was a little bit awkward, which is to be expected, considering they met on live television, audiences definitely picked up on a connection and were absolutely loving it.

When Tinder stepped into the picture

Tinder quickly hopped onto the bandwagon when they saw such an interesting marketing opportunity, so they offered to send the couple on an actual date.

The Kent State University students have been flown out to Maui, Hawaii on an all expense paid trip courtesy of the widely popular dating app. Many people who have been following the story are hoping to see more of their romantic getaway vacation on Twitter to find out what actually happens between these two.