Sibahle Nkumbi is a South African filmmaker and visual artist who is currently studying in Bern, Switzerland. She booked an AirBnB property for herself and three artist friends in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, while she was attending and reviewing her friend Zanele Muholi’s art exhibition. When the four ladies were a little late in checking out last Saturday, the owner called her husband, who became verbally abusive towards the women and eventually pushed Nkumbi down the stairs, causing a concussion and several bruises. The unnamed 47-year-old Dutch host is now facing a possible attempted manslaughter charge for his actions.

Sibhahle Nkumbi speaks about the altercation with the Airbnb host

Muholi filmed the incident, which is included in a video interview uploaded to YouTube on Monday, July 9. In the video Nkumbi talks about the incident, saying she had apologized profusely to the owner’s wife for being an hour late checking out of the property. As they were talking, the Airbnb host arrived and started banging on the door, yelling for them to let him in.

During the interview, Nkumbi explained that the host was verbally abusive to her, even though she said she didn’t provoke him in any way. Nkumbi said she was trying to reason with the man, but he continued to be abusive. She went on to say that the Airbnb host made racially motivated statements, including referring to the ladies as “you people” and telling them they needed to leave now, telling her she is not the great artist she thinks she is and that this was “not Africa.”

As Nkumbi tried to leave the property, the host grabbed her and she said she immediately knew he was going to throw her down the stairs.

As she only had the wall to hang on to, she fell, tumbling down the staircase. The fall knocked her out and when she came to, she was in the hospital.

Amsterdam Police considering attempted manslaughter charge

As reported by the Huffington Post, Nkumbi was then interviewed by Amsterdam police, who said in a media statement that the four women were supposed to check out of the apartment at 11 a.m., but got into an argument with the owners at around 12:30 p.m.

Marijke Stor, the police spokesperson, said they had arrested a 47-year-old man, who is suspected of attempted manslaughter. The Airbnb host was released on Sunday and the prosecutor will now decide whether to pursue the case in court.

Airbnb speaks out about the ‘appalling’ incident

The Independent Online quotes David King, the company’s Director of Diversity and Belonging, as saying the host’s behavior was “appalling” and against everything Airbnb stands for.

King said he and Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky were reaching out to Nkumbi and her friends and will take the strongest actions possible against the “abhorrent conduct” of the Dutch host, including banning them from their platform. He added that no one should ever be treated this way and that Airbnb will not tolerate such behavior.