Heavy criticism was showered upon the New Jersey governor, Chris Christie after he had been photographed relaxing on a beach that he had ordered to close to the public.

Due to a standstill on the budget, after the fourth of July, the non-essential services were closed to the public which included the Island State Beach Park. The photographs of Chris Christie, enjoying a peaceful day with his family on this beach instigated criticism from every corner of the state. While Chris Christie had a great day with his family at the beach, the other visitors were averted by the police.

Christie, in an effort to defend his actions, told the reporters that he already had plans of spending this day with his family at his beach property.

The governor of New Jersey faces censures

Christie reported that he had been staying with his family at the governor's residence and he was on his way to work in the state helicopter. Moreover, Christie's spokesman, Brian Murray, admitted to the reporters that Christie had been there on the beach for a minute or two, having a chat with his wife before heading for work.

Memes and Twitter jokes swarmed the web, as soon as the photo capturing Chris Christie resting comfortably on a lounge was released.

Why was the Island State Beach Park closed?

Alongside the state's budget, Chris Christie had ordered the New Jersey legislators to pass a health insurance bill.

As the bill was not passed, the non-essential services were shut down for the public.

Mr. Christie had been trying his best to get the Horizon Cross Blue Shield, the state's largest health insurer, to provide for $300 million. Chris was planning on using some of the amounts in the fight against drug addictions. New Jersey was one the nine states that couldn't meet the budget deadlines by the onset of the month.

More about Chris Christie

Chris Christie was the first among the Republicans to announce his support for Donald Trump as the president. This revelation stunned the political world. Also, his claims denying any knowledge about the Bridgegate, the political scandal of motivated traffic jams, surprised the world.

The rude side of Chris Christie's persona came to the forefront when he asked a badgerer to sit down and shut up during a press conference.

He had teased his rival Marco Rubio on a debate stage, telling the audience that Marco Rubio was being robotic.

Criticism also arose in 2015, when people considered his motives to be disloyal, as he cheered for his beloved Dallas Cowboys.