Things can get quite awkward when prominent political personalities are seen doing ordinary common man-like activities. It appears like Governor; Chris Christie has caught himself in such an embarrassing situation.

Christie in Philadelphia

Christie was reportedly photographed by The (Newark) Star-Ledger on Sunday, 2nd July, relaxing with his family in Philadelphia. When the image surfaced online, the critics were quick to point out how he shouldn’t be relaxing at such a time of urgency. The situation hasn’t entirely been under control in New Jersey as it’s been past two days since the government herein has entirely shut-down.

Christie on his part too was quick to respond to the critics. Several reports state that in a telephone interview on WTXF-TV, Christie responded to the accusations hurled at him post-Sunday by saying that he is sorry that the taxpayers can’t join him because they aren’t the governor.

Christie was relaxing at the governor’s Philadelphia residence and the authorities feel that since the government isn’t functioning at the moment, the governor of the state should not make use of the services entitled to government employees. However, Christie had an answer to this as well. He reportedly said that the place he was staying at was a residence and that they have a residence at Princeton as well. He further stated that he doesn’t find anything wrong with using the place only because the government is shut.

He asked whether he is expected to move out and stay in a hotel instead, in a rhetorical manner.

What Christie has to say?

During the interview with WNYW-TV that took place in New York, Christie went on to state that he sometimes wonder how the journalists who spend so money on flying from place to place to get to important personalities, do so.

He even referred to himself as “Mr. Reasonable.” He further justified the family gathering at the beach as something that was planned by son long back. He said that he doesn’t have a lot of family time together with his loved ones. He didn’t find any sense in canceling the family get-together as it was planned long back.

He further stated that he thinks his poll numbers are enough to justify that he doesn’t care a lot about how he is perceived politically.

As reported by USA Today, Christie has the worst approval rating that any governor has ever received. The survey was carried out Quinnipiac University and only 15 percent of those who took the survey suggested that he was the right one to do the job he was doing.