The 4Th Of July fell on a Tuesday this year and with many people having to work on Monday, a long weekend wasn't in the cards for them. With that said, the 4th of July is still a day to celebrate and you can find a way to enjoy your day off.

While many celebrated the 4th of July over the weekend, there will still be plenty of backyard cookouts today, and when there's a holiday gathering you often find beer, wine, and liquor. The liquor laws are tricky across the nation because each state governs their own laws around the sale of alcohol.

Liquor stores in your state

Some states are even broken down into counties and cities and towns when it comes to the legal hours of selling alcohol, like in Georgia, where the hours for selling alcohol differs from county to county. The same holds true for Kansas, which has some of the strictest laws in the nation around the sale of alcohol beverages, according to Legal

While Kansas is home to some of the strictest laws for the sale of alcohol, Missouri has the distinction of having "very permissive alcohol laws," according to Legal

Holiday hours

So what about the sale of alcohol on the 4th of July? If the Liquor Stores are open in your state, they may be operating on holiday hours, so it is best to check their hours of operation today.

As far as states allowing their liquor stores to stay open this 4th of July holiday, Connecticut and neighboring Massachusetts allow liquor stores to open for the holiday, according to Mass Live. Pennsylvania liquor stores are also open, according to Penn Live.

Virginia residents will find liquor stores open in their state as well today, July 4, 2017.

Folks in Alabama will find many of the ABC liquor stores closed, but some will open today.

Last six states

The majority of the states are allowing liquor sales on the 4th of July. Back in 2014, there were still six states that didn't allow alcohol sales on the 4th of July. According to an article from Mediate from back then, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Utah did not allow liquor sales on the 4th of July.

Before heading out to the local liquor store give them a call to make sure if they are open or not and also for their holiday hours of operation.


Walmart, Target, Kmart are open today, along with most major stores. Costco, however, is closed, according to The Epoch Times. Most malls will open their doors for the 4th of July, but it is always best to make a quick phone call to make sure of their hours of operation. Pharmacies like Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens, are open today as well as a lot of supermarkets, local stores, shops, and convenience stores.