A Drone caught a bird's eye view of a huge Hammerhead Shark being reeled in by a fisherman who was fishing off a Florida Beach. You can almost feel sorry for this monstrous sea creature as it is slowly losing its fight against the fisherman pulling the hammerhead into shallow waters. The video went viral and it has been seen on many of the morning news shows today.

This angler snagged what is referred to as a "monster hammerhead" while fishing off of Panama City Beach, Florida. You can see the crowd gathering as the fisherman attempts to pull the shark onto the beach using her bare hands to grab its tail.

The shark was too strong even in the shallow water as it got its strength back up in spurts even after it appeared to tire out.

According to Fox News live, this was all caught on camera from overhead via a drone and it did provide a unique angle for viewing the tug of war between man and shark. Curtis Williams was vacationing in Panama City, Florida, and he took his drone out to capture a sunset from the shore. He was flying his drone over the beach at the time he spotted the fisherman trying to reel in his catch.

Thrashing monster

Williams said he noticed the man wading in the water and then he saw that there was something very large in the water near him. He said he positioned the drone's camera so he could see what it was in the water when he realized he was looking at a huge hammerhead shark.

You can see on the video, just what Williams saw, the shark thrashing about in the water with the crowd on the beach growing bigger with spectators. While you might feel bad for the shark, Williams said that the fisherman did release it back into the water once he got it close to shore.

Sharks lured toward swimmers

One commenter from the Fox News article was furious that this guy was fishing for sharks near people on the beach.

He complained that it is a growing trend and a dangerous one, luring sharks into the beaches where people are swimming.

It looks like this commenter is backed up by some new reports that catching and releasing monster sharks off the beaches in Florida is growing trend. Land based shark fishing is a "rapidly growing sport," cites Road Trekking.

Huge sharks caught

These aren't small sharks, some monster sharks as big as 15 feet have recently been pulled into shore by a land based shark angler. Rip McLendon runs a charter service called Family Land-based Shark Fishing and Tagging off the Emerald Coast of Florida on Okaloosa Island's Fort Walnut Beach.

Fishermen are fishing the same beaches for sharks that people come to for swimming and sunbathing. McLendon caught over 400 sharks last year from right off the beach. Last year he caught a Great White Shark just a few miles east of Panama Beach.

Eating people not their thing?

He said that the clear blue water of the Gulf of Mexico is home to many monster sharks, but they don't eat people, they eat fish. The occasional attack happens if the water is murky and confuses the shark, but as soon as the shark realizes he doesn't have a fish in his grip, it stops biting said McLendon.