Katherine Caraway was found dead in a Walmart toilet this Monday, the 26th of June. Caraway, only 28-years-old, was last seen entering the Walmart in Oklahoma on Friday but her body was not found until after the weekend and the cause of her death remains unclear. The investigation into her death continues while an autopsy has yet to be revealed and will be the biggest lead in the case as of yet.

Staff had marked the bathroom as out of order

The staff at the Oklahoma Walmart had tried to enter the bathroom but found that it was locked. Naturally, they did not think there would be a person inside, let alone the body of 28-year-old Katherine Caraway.

They assumed that the bathroom lock was broken and instead of investigating simply marked the toilet out of order. This is why Katherine Caraway was not found sooner. However, police have found no reason to suspect the Walmart workers.

It was not until Monday when an employee managed to enter the bathroom that they found Katherine. Walmart staff were deeply shocked at the discovery. The store has released a statement expressing their deepest condolences for Caraway's family. They have said they are working closely with the authorities as they investigate the death of Katherine Caraway and have given no further response as the nature of the investigation is still ongoing.

Police are investigating the death of Caraway

According to the Daily Mail, police are still investigating the untimely death of Katherine Caraway. As of yet, they have found no reason to suspect any Walmart workers of being involved in the woman's death. The root cause of Caraway's death is still undetermined. According to policeman Todd Enzbrenner who was at the scene, there was nothing immediate that indicated why Katherine Caraway was found dead.

Further information will not be available until an autopsy has been performed on the body.

However, the authorities are suspicious that Caraway was in the Walmart at Sand Springs when she lived in Muskogee which was more than an hour away. Katherine Caraway's family were contacted about the discovery of her body. They traveled from Texas to identify her and it was confirmed that the body was in fact Caraway.

The mother of one is survived by her only son.

The news about Katherine Caraway's death has only broken in the last few days. Since then tributes have been pouring in through various social media. Katherine's sister, Bekah Rae Pope has commented that her sister will forever be in her heart.