Everyone knows that U.S. President Donald Trump has less than ideal opinions on women. It's really difficult to assume otherwise, as he openly expresses all of his thoughts — and he does not hide the fact that he could inflict some seriously harsh insults. He serves them with the premise that he is just being honest and could not care less about being "politically correct," but it cannot be denied that some, if not most, of his statements, are just downright disrespectful.

A pattern of insulting appearances

Case in point: just this Thursday, President Trump insulted MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski. He shared on one of his tweets that the anchor was "bleeding badly from a face-lift" when they met last New Year's Eve.

In addition, he called Brzezinski "low I.Q., crazy Mika."

However, this is just the latest in a long string of offensive statements that President Donald Trump expressed to women. He has a history of bashing them for their appearances that run as old as his personal Twitter account, and some of these were curated in a feature by CNN.

First off, perhaps most people already heard what Trump said to Megyn Kelly when he spoke at the GOP presidential debate. He said Kelly had "blood coming out of her whatever."

He also didn't pass up the chance to humiliate Heidi Cruz, wife of US Senator Ted Cruz.

There is a pattern to Trump's insults, wherein he usually just ridicules women's appearances; if not their state of mind.

This was widely known now that he gained more popularity President, but perhaps the worst instance of this was before he was elected when he expressed his thoughts about Rosie O'Donell.

Donald Trump: Rosie O'Donell is a degenerate

Granted, there was a long-standing feud between them at the time. When Donald Trump heard about Rosie's depression, he proudly declared that he knew how to cure said depression.

He said, in a Learning Annex audience back in 2007, that "If [Rosie O'Donell] stopped looking in the mirror, I think she'd stop being so depressed."

He also called O'Donell "fat" and referred to her as a "degenerate."

O'Donell, in an interview with People Magazine, later shared that Trump humiliating her was "the most bullying" she had to endure in her life.

What made her feel worse that it was national, and almost anyone who cared enough to look would know about the insults. It was, in Rosie's own words, "sanctioned societally."

Trump would go on disparaging other women, including Nicolette Sheridan, Anna Nicole Smith, Kim Novak, and even singer Cher. Novak, in particular, said that Trump's tweets about her during the 2014 Oscars "devastated" her.