Former FBI Director James Comey admitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee that after he was fired, he handed off a memorandum to a friend that contained details of his conversations with President Trump involving former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn and Russian interference in the 2016 election. While Comey said under sworn testimony that Trump didn't come out and directly ask him to drop the Russian investigation, he was uncomfortable with the private exchanges. The big question is whether there are tapes or any other information revolving around the conversations in question.

Trump denies having recordings

Donald Trump tweeted that he doesn't have any secret recordings of his conversations with James Comey. During his testimony, Comey let the committee know that he hoped there were recordings to back up his claims. When the committee touched on audio evidence, Comey simply replied, "Lordy, I do hope there are tapes."

On Thursday, James Comey was spotted with his wife, Patrice Failor, entering the New York Times building in Manhattan. The couple had on sunglasses as they quickly made their way inside around 3 p.m, ET. Daily Mail had several photos of Comey and his wife stopping at the front desk in the lobby before going upstairs. They were reportedly inside the building for about three hours.

After their visit, they were seen outside hailing a cab.

Why did Comey go to the New York Times?

It's unclear why James Comey went to the New York Times -- and so soon after Trump denied having any recordings of their conversations.

There's already chatter online that maybe Comey has something else to leak. The former FBI director has testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that he's “never” been an anonymous source who leaked information about investigations involving Trump or Hillary Clinton.

According to Daily Mail, Comey kept his sunglasses on and looked straight ahead as he made his way through the front door of the Times Square building where the New York Times is based.

It wasn't hard to miss him as he towered above everyone in his dark blue suit. Several people recognized Comey after taking a second look.

Does Comey have something else of interest concerning his interactions with Trump that he wants the media to have? News and political junkies will be watching for an exclusive published by the New York Times having to do with James Comey or the Russian investigation.