The White House senior adviser and presidential son-in-law is taking a beating this week. Jared Kushner started the week on the wrong side of bed when he opened his mouth to address a meeting of technology leaders. His shrill, rather feminine voice became the laughing stock of social media.

On Wednesday, he was the jet-setter harbinger of world peace by flying to the Middle East to broker peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders despite being a greenhorn in diplomacy and wet behind the ears.

The next day, the Liberals sought the revocation of Kushner’s security clearance because he is under investigation for the Russia interference in the 2016 campaign.

Poll survey results

On the same day, the NBC News/Wall Street Journal released the results of its regular polls. The numbers were not impressive for the 36-year-old senior adviser. Kushner’s approval rating is low with only one politician having a lower rating than the son-in-law – President Donald trump, Time reported.

Since Kushner, a real estate businessman, was thrust into the public eye after he was given high-profile roles in the Oval Office, the June poll was the first time he was included. Results of his first time of inclusion in a survey, however, were not favorable to Kushner.

Respondents who have a very negative view of the son-in-law was 16 percent, somewhat negative was 15 percent, neutral 24 percent, somewhat positive 11 percent, and very positive 6 percent. Kushner’s biggest number, at 28 percent, however, was from those who do now know him or have no opinion about the senior adviser.

Trump continues to fall

In contrast, the survey said 41 percent of the respondents have a very negative view of Trump, 9 percent have a somewhat negative view, 11 percent were neutral, 13 percent were somewhat positive, and 25 percent very positive.

The combined very positive and somewhat positive responses toward the president, at 38 percent, is lower than the combined positive rating of the FBI at 54 percent.

Among five officials or agencies included in the poll, the FBI has the highest net rating of positive 40 percent, followed by special counsel Robert Mueller with positive 13 percent.

It was neutral for Comey whose total positive rating of 29 percent was wiped out by an equal 29 percent negative rating. When it comes to net rating, Trump outperformed his son-in-law because the president got minus 12 based on a +38 total positive and -50 total negative. At the bottom is Kushner who net rating is negative 14.