About sixty Christian leaders across the United States of America have come together to sign a statement criticizing and condemning the Trump budget proposal. These faith leaders condemned the budget because of the cut on the Federal welfare program meant to benefit the poor and the marginalized. The Circle of Protection, a union of Christian leaders committed to advocating for programs that help alleviate hunger and poverty have come up with a statement which promotes activities involving the provision of help to those who need help. The statement also supports laws and policies which provide for the common good of the poor and marginalized, with opportunities for all human persons to thrive and flourish.They also have the following reasons why they are not in support of the budget.

Proposed Budget will increase hunger

The budget proposes cut on the programs supporting the hungry poor such as cutting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program by 25 percent which will particularly affect low-income families. The Child Health Insurance Programs that enables low earner access good medical care has been slashed.The Social Security Disability Insurance Program and the Community Block Grants which support some neighborhood improve the standard of living were also not left out.

Reduction in foreign aids

The Christian leaders did not support that the budget proposes to increase military spending but reduced US foreign aid by 29 percent. They made it clear that one of the responsibilities of the Christian organizations and bodies is to work with the Government to provide help and protection to people all over the world when needed.

The cut in foreign aid will hinder the ability to support developing countries that constantly need foreign assistance.

Arrest of Christian Leaders

The Christian leader pointed out the arrest of seven Christian leaders protesting against Trump budget proposal to be one of the reasons why they have come together to sign the statement.

On the 24th of April, 2017, seven faith leaders who demonstrated against Trump proposed budget, at the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington were arrested by the Capitol Hill police officer.

The statement was signed by leaders of recognized United States Christian bodies, Reverend, and Bishops of Christian ministries motivated to carry out the biblical mandate of protecting the poor and vulnerable people