Millions of viewers turn in to witness Robert Mueller as he steps up for hearing. His testimony is crucial to the Americans and all who are interested in the ongoing investigations. What he would say, will decide the fate of all who have been involved in the act of breaking, twisting, or bending the law.

Wednesday morning, July 24, Mueller will be required to appear publicly to testify for or against the Trump administration. The first hearing will be before the House Judiciary Committee, then the House Intelligence Committee.

What the Democrats indented to achieve through Mueller’s testimony

The Democrats have been into the investigation of President Trump for the past 24 months, now is the time for the conclusion that will determine what will happen next. The former special counsel’s testimony will seal or break the public and the Democrats’ conviction on pursuit inquiry to impeach Trump.

The democrat's caucus is of high hopes that Mueller’s testimony will stir up pieces of evidence that will rope the US president in.

On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Chairman said on CNN, ‘New Day’ that anyone convicted by Mueller’s report will face criminal persecution. It is expected that there may be some devastating facts in the counsel’s report, which may warrant impeachment of the US president.

What will happen if there is a twist in Mueller’s testimony?

The flip side is that if the testimony fails to move the conversation towards the long-time pursuit of the democrat, all efforts made so far on impeaching Trump will go to waste. The democrats have been aiming to bring Trump to book on the impeachable crime he committed against special counsel Mueller.

There has been a negative report from the 2016 campaign and allegations that Trump cooperated with the Russians in meddling with the elections, also obstructed justice to cover up his act. This negative report has been like a dark cloud looming over the US president and his entire administration.

In a tweet, Trump stated that Mueller should not be given another chance of testimony on this matter.

He referred to the democrat effort as a witch hunt, threatened that failing to convince the public through his testimony, will be bad for the council and a lot of the Democrats.

Mueller and his team have been reluctant in giving out any evidence for nearly two years this investigation has been going on. He would prefer to hand over a detailed report that would expose in details all he would have said. Working ceaselessly at his former law firm, he has compiled a 448-report document that will explain everything.

The democrats have expectations ahead of Mueller's' hearing, that even if there is a twist in the counsel’s report, there will still be some incriminating pieces that will be strong enough to impeach the president.

The Justice Department, sent a letter to Mueller on Monday instructing him to limit his testimony to the content of the report document.

This is counted a big day for counsel Mueller and the Democrats; still, a twist could be a possible result.