The recent attack at Eugene Simpson Field in Alexandria, where GOP senators and congressmen were practicing for a charity event today, has left at least six people wounded, including Steve Scalise. On Wednesday night, MedStar Washington said the Louisiana congressman is currently in "critical condition" after sustaining a gunshot wound in the hip.

What happened in Alexandria?

About 25 members of the Republican party, along with their staffers, security personnel, and even family members, went out for an early-morning practice in preparation for a friendly match against the Democratic party's baseball team.

Chuck Fleischman said the session was almost over when an armed man opened fire and directly attacked the legislators on the field.

Mo Brooks told reports that the baseball field was in total chaos in the midst of "non-stop" firing. He said everyone was scattered and was running for their lives. The Alabama congressman also stated Scalise could barely move on his own when they checked on him at second base, where he was lying for minutes until the situation was neutralized.

A congressional aide and a lobbyist, named Zachary Barth and Matt Mika, respectively, also sustained gunshot wounds and were taken to the hospital. The Alexandria attack has also left three others injured, including police officers Krystal Griner and David Bailey, while Rep.

Roger William hurt his ankle.

Who was the suspect?

The Capitol Hill Police identified the suspect as James T. Hodgkinson, 66, a native of Illinois who moved to Virginia two months ago. His social media posts suggested that he was a detractor of the Republicans and Donald Trump. It was also reported that the suspect had volunteered for Sen.

Bernie Sanders' Presidential Campaign last year.

Authorities also found out that the attacker has a history of criminal offenses that include traffic violations and allegations of assault. Hodgkinson engaged in a shootout with the Capitol Hill police for about three minutes before he died.

"I am sickened"

Sanders condemned the "despicable act" and said that "violence of any kind is unacceptable" in the society.

The Senator added that incidents like the Alexandria shooting revoke the "mostly held" values of the Americans. Trump, on the other hand, said a unified government can do well in difficult times like this. The U.S. President also commended Scalise for being a "fighter and a patriot."