Rep. Steve Scalise was among those who were shot at a GOP practice at Simpson Field in Alexandria on Wednesday morning. Reports said an armed man opened fire while the member of the congressional baseball team was having a session for a charity game later this week. About 50 to 60 people, including House members, senators, and staff members, were present when the incident took place.

"It is just a madhouse"

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, who witnessed the whole incident, said the gunman directly attacked the people at the field. He said the practice was almost over when the assailant began shooting.

"Some of our people have been hit. This is horrible. I got bloody running and jumping into the dugout," he said.

Rep. Mo Brooks said it was a total chaos. Everyone was running for their lives as the gunman continued firing. When asked about Scalise's condition, the representative for Alabama's 5th congressional district said his co-House member could hardly move on his own after he was shot in the hip. "It's not easy when you see people around you being shot and you don't have a weapon yourself. You feel helpless," Brooks added.

Fortunately, no casualty was reported after the firing incident. Authorities also assured that the suspect is "not a threat." Aside from these, the Capitol Hill police have yet to give further details about the suspect in custody.

White House releases a statement on Alexandria shooting

President Donald Trump, through his press secretary, extended his thoughts and prayers to those who were affected by the tragedy. Sean Spicer assured that the White House will closely monitor the investigation of this case. "We are deeply saddened by this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the members of Congress, their staffs, Capitol Police, first responders, and all others affected," the U.S.

leader said.

Authorities considered the incident a "deliberate attack, while Brooks said "it could very well have been a large-scale massacre" if not for the quick police response. He added that the attacker was firing non-stop, while the people at the field scattered to look for a place to hide.

Sen. Jeff Flake was the first one to rescue Scalise who was lying from the second base until the situation was neutralized.

He was assisted by Rep. Brad Wenstrup, a physician, to apply pressure on Scalise's gunshot wound. Aside from the House member, his two aides, a staffer, an African-American gentleman, and a policewoman sustained gunshot wounds after the incident.