Newly elected South Korean President Moon Jae-In clarified to U.S. officials that his investigation over THAAD deployments will not affect relations between both countries. This is after Moon was outraged at the intentional concealment of additional Thaad deployment in his country by his country's defense ministry after assuming power.

What is the controversy over THAAD in South Korea?

President Moon's main campaign promise is to investigate his predecessor, Park Geun-Hye's deal over the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system or THAAD in South Korea.

The former president of South Korea was impeached due to serious corruption scandals that plagued his administration.

However, Moon was shocked that when he assumed office, deployments of additional THAAD missile launchers were kept secret from him. For Moon, this shows signs of irregularity that merits a full-blown investigation. Especially because the former president was convicted of corruption and unethical conduct while in office.

The United States grew weary over Moon's probe into the THAAD controversy and they fear that the issue will tarnish relationships between the two countries. Moon was quick to respond to such fears and sent a delegate to Washington to specifically explain the investigation over THAAD and that it will be purely domestic.

Why is the deployment of THAAD a big issue in the Korean crisis?

China is the foremost opponent of the installation of THAAD in South Korea. Beijing argues that the installation of such a system will only increase the tension in the crisis as it is a blatant show of force against North Korea.

A series of protests against the THAAD's installation erupted both in South Korea and China.

However, it's extremely shocking to President Moon that his own defense ministry intentionally hid details about the additional THAAD batteries.

The THAAD system is primarily intended to serve as protection against sudden attacks coming from North Korea. This is due to the ballistics program of Pyongyang that has been gaining pace within the last few weeks.

What is the reaction of the United States?

The United States continues to show its might on North Korea. Three carrier groups are deployed in and near the Korean peninsula to "enforce" U.S. dominance over the area.

The Pentagon also tested an ICBM missile last month and earlier this week, successfully intercepted a dummy ICBM with an intercontinental missile defense system. However, most of the ire is not coming from North Korea but from China, a major power in Asia and the country that is bent on greatly improving its economy and its military.