After the US installed the THAAD missile system in South Korea, china and Russia are starting to get weary of the growing influence of America in the area. Because of this, China led the initiative to set in place its own anti-missile system as well, and Russia agreed to Beijing's proposal. The move will undoubtedly add more tension in the area, especially as this may be interpreted by North Korea as Russia and China coming to their aid.

China and Russia reassured each other of mutual cooperation amidst US-North Korean crisis

Chinese National Security Commission chief, Li Zhansu, met with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow to relay President Xi Jinping's promise that no matter how the situation changes in the Korean crisis, China and Russia will continue its stable cooperation.

The rapid deployment of the THAAD, which according to Admiral Harry Harris, commander of the US Pacific command, would be operational in the coming days, forced China and Russia to act. It is unknown what kind of defense system the two countries will deploy and where. However, it can be assured that China will most favorably place the missile system near the Korean peninsula.

Trump administration slowly changing tone on dealings with North Korea

After the sudden and unprecedented Senate briefing in the White House on Wednesday, the Trump administration is now pushing for a diplomatic end to the crisis. This is after most of the senate who attended the meeting were unimpressed by the briefing. It was also revealed that North Korea has not yet developed the capability of sending a warhead directly to the US mainland, but, despite this fact, US build-up in the area continues.

South Korea and Japan, on the other hand, continue to work hand in hand with the US in the Korean peninsula, though both countries are hoping that the crisis will not spark any conflict.

China still continues its open support of North Korea, using the pretext of humanitarian reasons for continuing its exports into the country.

Donald Trump again reiterated that China has a major role in ending the Korean crisis, and that it begins by forcing Pyongyang to the diplomatic table.

Kim Jong-un continues defiant rhetoric against the US

Kim Jong-un continues his antagonistic stand against the US. After showing films of simulated attacks against the United States and the constant threat of destroying the American presence in the Korean peninsula, many are fearful of what the North Korean president will do. However, it is safe to assume that at the moment, the United States is safe from a sudden missile attack from a country that doesn't have the capability to do so, for now.