On Wednesday the White House released a statement that questions regarding an on-going investigation about President Trump’s alleged connection to Russia will no longer be answered. Former FBI director who was fired by President Trump is to testify before a congressional committee, Mr. James Comey is to stand before the committee next week.

Press secretary Sean Spicer has waived all questions regarding James Comey’s evidence and if the president at any point in time was involved in obstruction of justice, he further said that the president is focused on his agenda’s and any or all questions regarding the matter will be handled by outside counsel Marc Kasowitz who is a friend and long-time lawyer of Trump representing him in a number of cases involving fraud allegations and property deals.

Comey plans to convince Senate intelligence committee

Mr. Comey has planned to convince the Senate Intelligence Committee that President Trump demanded that he drop an investigation going on which involved his former national security adviser Michael Flynn and his ties to Russia. The parameters of the congressional statement have been discussed by Mr. Comey, special counsel Robert Mueller now heads the criminal investigation.

The Senate committee issued subpoenas which were approved for Mr. Flynn and Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. The subpoenas which are related to the Russian investigation by the White House, this came in just after the White House announced its new policy on any and all questions regarding Russia.

Sean Spicer comments on Trump's late night tweet 'covfefe'

Mr Spicer has had to deal with the Russia saga during his daily briefings and this has been very frustrating, during the weekend Michael Dubke announced his resignation as White House communications director and there has been speculations about Spicer’s future as press secretary, during Wednesdays interview his outward behaviour seamed ill-tempered.

He was asked about President Trumps late night tweet “covfefe” and if it should be a concern, but he said “No” and added that the president and a select group of people are aware of the meaning, this caused an explosion of sarcasm in the room but Mr Spicer smiled for a moment and moved on to the next question.

On Wednesday morning President Trump tweeted: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” this has since caused a wave on social media but the post was deleted and a second tweet followed which said “Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe”? Enjoy!”