South Korean media have boasted the steady construction of a US missile defense system that will effectively nullify North Korea's rocket offensive capability. Reports say that the defense system was installed a few days before the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People's Army. The Missile Defense System is frowned upon by china, which is North Korea's solitary regional ally.

THAAD defense system will deter any North Korean missile attack

Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system or THAAD is a powerful anti-missile system developed by the US military.

It is expected to cover the entire Korean peninsula and Japan, effectively providing protection against any missile attack. With the arrival of the submarine USS Michigan and the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, US presence in the area is now well-established.

China frowns on THAAD system in Seoul

The Chinese government was unhappy with the US missile defense in Seoul as it might be the spark that could ignite a full-scale war. Earlier this week, President Xi Jinping phoned Trump, telling the US president to avoid actions that may trigger war. China continues its talks with Pyongyang in hopes to convince the rogue state to stop its nuclear ambition. However, with the constant build-up of American forces in the area, any development with the China-North Korea talks will inevitably be hampered.

Japan, on the other hand, continues to ready its citizen for strikes coming from Pyongyang. Government officials are well aware that in case North Korea launches missiles, citizens will have minutes to prepare for the worst. In Tokyo, local officials say that with the city's 13.5 million residents, they might have only 10 minutes to react.

However, with the THAAD system in place, this may no longer be the case.

South Korean activists protest the installation of THAAD

Around 200 protesters hurled plastic water bottles at police officers stationed to guard the installation, which is located on a golf course in Seoul. The plot of land was given by the South Korean government to be used for this project.

The protesters believe that THAAD will only increase the tension in the area, make diplomacy impossible and reunification of Korea a fantasy.

Trump is expected to brief the entire US Senate on Wednesday. Many are expecting more tough talk from the president and how he is willing to do anything to protect the US from possible attacks from North Korea. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will chair a special meeting with the UN Security Council discussing the Korean crisis. It is expected that Tillerson will be very adamant on the government's militaristic stand against North Korea.