The U.S state department wants China to release three activists that were arrested for investigating abuses at a plant that produces products for Ivanka Trump's clothing line. Two of the men have disappeared for one week after being arrested. The three were investigating factory violations such as workers being paid below minimum wage, managers verbally abusing employees and the violation of women's rights.

How the arrest of the three was made

Hua Haifeng was arrested for suspicion of conducting illegal surveillance.

Hua has been an employee of a labor rights organization for more than ten years and was doing an investigation on behalf of a New York rights group called China Labour Watch. The factory being investigated was in southern Guangdong province. The two other men were investigating a factory in Jiangxi province that assembled shoes for Ivanka Trump. The two have been missing for a week according to the executive director of China Labour Watch. The situation has been politicized and has been made complicated according to the director. The factory where the two were arrested also makes products for Kendall and Kylie, Coach, and Karl Lagerfield. China Labour Watch has investigated other factories for over 17 years without facing any major hurdles, and this is the first time their investigators are being arrested.

The organization has also investigated Apple and Samsung factories in China.

The United States is calling for their release

State Department spokesperson said that the three should be released or be given a fair trial. Hua's lawyer has been denied visits at the detention center where Hua is being held. China is well known for mistreating authors and ethnic minorities such as Tibetan Buddhists, and it is not known how this particular case is being handled.

Ivanka Trump's brands in China

When the Chinese president visited the United States, Ivanka Trump's trademark was being approved back in China. The brands covered bags, spa services, and jewelry. Ivanka Trump's brands are mostly made in China. At least 65 companies in China have applied to use Ivanka's name as trademarks for their products according to the Chinese trademark office.

They range from wallpaper companies to alcohol retailers. Enterprises that are already using her name produce cosmetic, clothing, and underwears. Ivanka continues to produce her products in China despite her husband's stand on the buy American build America slogan. A proposed increase in import tariffs on Chinese goods is yet to be introduced; this will probably put workers in her Chinese factories into further hardship.