Washington: For quite a long time, President Trump has been fixated with demonstrating his innocence in connection to the continuous examination concerning Russia's interference in the 2016 election campaign. In addition, Donald Trump, repeatedly asked then-FBI Director James Comey whether he was under scrutiny. Trump told NBC in an interview two days after he dismissed Comey, “I'm not talking about campaigns or anything else because I'm not under investigation.” In January, Comey had assured Donald Trump, that he was not under investigation. Although, that changed shortly after Comey was terminated from his services!

Donald Trump under investigation

Regardless, special counsel Bob Mueller will investigate whether Trump blocked justice in the Russia case. Above all, the Washington Post report concurred on Wednesday night, clarified that Dan Coats (Director of National Intelligence), Mike Rogers (National Security Agency Director) and Richard Ledgett (previous NSA chief) are being talked about this week. CNN also confirmed in their news, that Mueller's investigators asked for information on Coats and Rogers.

Colossal Change for a few reasons!

First, we are less than 6 months into Trump's presidency and this investigation by the former FBI Director is where Trump finds himself. Therefore, it makes it inconceivable for the President and his administration to expel this as a diversion made by the one-sided media.

Second, it recommends that the special counsel's examination is already worrying White House. Albeit the investigation is widening out its scope from an endeavor to answer to Russia's hacking and whether it includes any Trump authorities. Investigating whether Trump deterred justice implies, that Mueller is likely to inspect the conditions for Comey's termination.

Mueller's contemplation of the obstruction

The interviews (with Coats, Rogers, and Ledgett) suggest that Mueller considers the attempted Obstruction Of Justice as more than just a blame game. That is basic given that Comey's sworn declaration with respect to the weight put on him by Trump to leave off an examination concerning Michael Flynn runs counter to Trump's affirmations about their discussions.

Trump has demanded straight that he had never asked Comey to moderate or stop the Flynn examination. As a matter of fact, Trump seemed unbowed by the new disclosures. Trump tweeted Thursday morning, “They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story.”

In any case, this special counsel investigation has hit the doors of the oval office, where it hasn't gone some time recently. Trump's endeavors to deprecate the examination and move past it has turned out to be more troublesome than expected.