The FBI chief broke his silence to claim that President Trump's administration unfurled deceptive statements to defame him. This is the first public statement of James Comey since he got dismissed on May 9. Not to mention, Comey was leading an FBI investigation into Russia's participation in the Donald Trump election campaign. In Washington, FBI director accused Donald Trump, of telling lies about the agency.

The clash between statements

CNN quoted earlier, that Donald Trump intruded an investigation into the former security adviser.

For the same reason, he dismissed the investigating officer and FBI chief earlier in May. The ever-changing reasons in justification to Comey's termination have left him baffled. Comey says that trump administration had no lawful reason to end his services. Equally important is that Comey's concerns about the entire FBI workforce losing confidence in him. The former FBI chief said: “I'm sure the special counsel will work towards whether the obstruction was an offense.”

USA 2016 election campaign: a recap

  1. As cited by the British tabloid Daily Express, Donald Trump connected with Russia 18 times before the election race;

  2. Likewise, another report suggests that Russian ambassador had spoken to Flynn about setting up a backchannel for private communication;

  3. Above all, Kevin McCarthy claims that money exchanged hands with Russia before the presidential election.

The final hearing of James Comey

Paparazzi crowded Comey, as he appeared wearing a dark suit!

At the beginning of the hearing, he sat alone at the witness table in a room on Capitol Hill. On the other hand, Donald Trump watched the hearing in the dining-room of the White House with his counsel Marc Kasowitz. It's known that the former FBI chief was probing an investigation into Russian meddling with the US presidential election.

Therefore, President Trump had triggered a nationwide political storm, after he dismissed Comey on 9th May. James Comey said that the President had ordered him to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn. In the exact words of Donald Trump, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting Flynn go.”

In all possibility, this testimony strengthens the impeachment case against Donald Trump.

As a matter of fact, the hearing will have serious long-term repercussions. Several committees of Congress are investigating an alleged Russian attempt that could have influenced the election campaign in 2016. On the other hand, Russia has categorically denied any intrusion. Nevertheless, Republicans think that the President's intentions to hinder FBI probe were a clear obstruction of justice. Either way, we can only hope that justice is served in time.