Virginia Republicans were forced to take cover after an armed gunman opened fire at a practice baseball game, where most Republicans were located. five people were injured, only the gunman was killed.

What do we know?

A 66-year-old Illinois man attempted to attack Republicans during baseball practice, injuring Representative Steve Scalise, who at the making of this article, is out of surgery and in critic condition. Lobbyist Matt Micha and Congressional aid Zack Barth were also injured in the shooting. Representative Rodney Davis was at the baseball practice when shots were fired “I was up at bat when I heard a loud bang, at first I thought it was some kind of construction work, then I heard someone shout, “Run he has a gun!” it was a shock to us all.” (SIC) According to Davis “if the capital police had not been there, this would have been much worse.”

This Baseball Practice was for a charity event game between republicans and democrats.

Tomorrow's game was being played in honor of the victims of The Manchester attacks. Davis called for donations and requested everyone show their support on the congressional baseball page, where links for donations will be posted. Texas congressmen Joe Barton, and the Coach of the Republican team, and brought his 10-year-old son to the practice game, Both he and his son are unharmed.

The gunman has been identified as James T Hodgkinson. Hodgkinson has a long history of loud anti-republican posts on social media. The Fbi has not confirmed that this was a political terrorist attack. The FBI has made the point that hey are looking at ALL scenarios, they are looking at all of the threads and are searching for a motive.

At the making of this article, The investigation is still ongoing.

What about the game?

The Congressional Facebook page Put out this official statement “We believe the best way to honor them is to play the game as scheduled tomorrow night. The Congressional Baseball Game will take place today, with the first pitch at 7:05 PM Eastern standard time.” The statement goes on to say that they sympathize with the victims and their families, including two capital hill police officers.

It's been suggested that if the capital hill officers had not been there, the situation would have been much, much worse.

So just who is this gunman

According to the posts made by the gunman, he is a massive supporter of Bernie Sanders and even worked on the Sanders campaign in Illinois. Sanders held a press conference in which he condemned the actions of this gunman.

President Trump Also held a press conference today, giving his condolences to the families and the victims. President Trump asking the nation to pull together. The white house Is calling the actions of these officers “heroic” and hopes that all injured parties will heal quickly.

At the making of this article. Scalise and at least one other individual were still in critical condition.