Man is almost ready to let go of his home here on Earth to live in a peaceful, highly-technological, and chaos-free environment. But this new world is in space and will soon apply to be considered as one of UN’s independent nations in 2018.

The man who dreamed of living in a world without limitations – trans-ethnic, trans-religious, trans-national, ethical, and peaceful is a rocket scientist. Russian Dr. Igor Ashbureyli is born in Azerbaijan and graduated from the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy in 1985. He founded Socium in 1988. It is a software and consulting company that later became a holding firm with more than 10,000 employees.

In Moscow, he became famous in the science industry and was the recipient of Russian State Science and Technology Prize. In 2013, he founded the Aerospace International Research Center (AIRC) in Vienna, Austria. He currently holds the position as chairman of UNESCO’s Science of Space committee.

Asgaria has 211,000 registered citizens

His brainchild, Asgardia’s mission is to provide an easier access to space technologies and at the same time helps protect the earth from asteroids and man’s leftover debris in space. Membership is free, and anybody can join.

After the announcement of registration, thousands flock to its website to register. The registrants reached half a million after three weeks.

But when Ashurbeyli imposed stricter verification process, the number decreased. At present, the registered members totaled 211,000 coming from 217 countries age 18-35 years old. Chinese citizens totaled 28,000 which are the largest per country. Around 130,000 are English speakers.

NBC News reported that out of the 500,000 applicants incompetent people such as children were removed from the membership list.

The more than 200,000 registered members will vote for its constitution on June 18.

On September 12, 2017, a nanosatellite, the size of a loaf of bread will be launched to establish a physical presence in space according to CNN. The contents are 300 kilobytes of data per person for the first 100,000 citizens who signed up. It will be followed by 200 kilobytes that will be offered to the next 400,000 people, and after which, 100 kilobytes for one million citizens.

The data will include even family photos.

The future human space nation to apply as a UN state

The first human landing in Asgardia will happen in the next eight years. It is Ashbureyli’s childhood dream. His target is to make Asgardia a legitimate UN nation by 2018. However, the application will be faced with challenges. A space law expert, Joanne Gabrynowicz, said that Asgardia has to possess the following characteristics: a permanent population; a government; a defined territory, and the capacity to enter into relations with other states. It must be recognized as a state by other nations.

Asgardia is a space nation, but the registered citizens will continue to have Earth as their home. As of now, the virtual space nation is still a lofty dream.