A 21-year-old man named Justin Nojan Sullivan from North Carlina has been sentenced to Life In Prison for conspiring to commit an act of terrorism in the U.S. Justin pleaded guilty on November 29th last year for attempting to commit the act on behalf of the ISIS terror group. Acting Assistant Attorney General Boente said that Justin plotted to commit an act of terror in the United States with another Syrian-based terrorist who is now deceased. Boente also stated that ISIS is still an enemy of the United States and that Justin was planning to conduct mass killings within the country by murdering innocent people.

According to Boente, Justin was also planning to film his acts of terror and share the footage with one of his accomplice in Syria as well as create an ISIS branch in the United States.

How Justin was planning to commit terror

According to court documents, Justin began downloading ISIS violent video attacks from the internet from as early as September 2014. Most of the videos showed beheadings. He downloaded the videos onto his laptop computer and openly expressed his support for the militia group. He was also communicating with an online ISIS recruiter named Junaid Hussain. Hussain was providing him with the necessary support he needed to commit mass shootings in Virginia and North Carolina.

Justin also discussed his mass shooting plans with an undercover Fbi Agent who he attempted to recruit so that he can get help in his attacks. Justin told the FBI agent that he was planning to buy a rifle at a gun show in North Carolina, he also attempted to buy ammunition for his rifle in June 2015.

The FBI also found out that Justin researched information on the internet on how to make a firearm silencer.

His plans were to attack a concert, club or bar and planned to kill more than 1,000 people. He also planned to record a video of this act.

How Justin's plans backfired

Justin sought help from the undercover FBI agent he met online to help him make a silencer. The FBI agent made one for him according to his specifications and sent it as a package to his residence.

Justin's mother received and opened the package. Justin later found out that his mother is in possession of the silencer and took it from her. He began to be worried after his parents started questioning him; he then began to believe that his parents would interfere with all his plans. He then asked the undercover agent to kill his parents in exchange for compensation.