As expected, Donald Trump announced that the United States would no longer commit to the Paris climate accord. The reaction was split down party lines, with Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway quick to celebrate.

Conway on Trump

It's been just under a year since Kellyanne Conway joined Donald Trump and she's been loyal ever since. It started after Trump locked up the GOP nomination at the Republican National Convention last summer, and his then campaign manager Paul Manafort was forced to resign for having financial ties to Russia. In his place, Trump brought Conway on the board as she helped lead the former host of "The Apprentice" to an upset general election win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

While many on the right have been fond of Conway, she often found herself engaged in heated arguments with various cable news hosts. Since the election, Conway has been under fire after her now infamous use of the terms "alternative facts" and the "Bowling Green Massacre." As the pressure continues to mount on Trump and his entire team, the criticism continued on Wednesday after the president removed the U.S. from the Paris climate accord. As seen on her Twitter account on June 1, Conway praised Trump over his decision.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday night, Kellyanne Conway cheered Donald Trump for his action on the Paris climate accord.

"It's Trump in full," Conway tweeted, before adding, "Sovereignty, fairness, jobs, America 1st, don't add to debt, legal liability, evaluate bad deals/negotiate better ones."

Twitter reacts

Not long after Kellyanne Conway sent out her tweet of praise to Donald Trump, she was hit with instant backlash from angry critics on social media.

"KELLYANNE, when America is underwater in 50 years at plan to use your corpse as my raft," comedian Kristina Wong tweeted out.

"Falling behind on clean energy innovation and job creation is putting China and the EU first, not America," another Twitter user wrote.

"You bet: Alienate allies, perpetuate myths, put money before the health of future generations. CHECK! How do you sleep at night???" an additional tweet read.

"History has its eyes on you. The day you bail matters. Your grandkids are watching.

These tweets live forever," another tweet noted. "You forgot lies, racism, sexism, disrespect for USA and Americans and being an illiterate toddler," a social media user wrote. Kellyanne Conway's tweet continued to receive a negative reaction as many Americans made their thoughts known about the U.S. leaving the Paris climate accord.