Four people were killed in the Shooting at a Ups facility in San Francisco, California. The gunner, who opened fire, was confronted by police and then turned his weapon on himself. It was confirmed by the Assistant Police Chief Toney Chaplin, three people became victims of the shooter.

The UPS spokesman Steve Gaut said that six UPS employees were drawn in a shooting incident but until police investigations company cannot provide information related to the employees.

According to Gaut, four people were injured, after which the gunman shot himself with his own gun.

Eyewitnesses of shooting

According to eyewitnesses, with whom the journalists of the San Francisco spoke, the shooting occurred around 9 a.m. local time at the UPS San Francisco Customer Center . A man in the uniform of the UPS staff opened fire, randomly shooting. This provoked panic. A lot of clients and employees of the company began to run out of a four-story building.

One of the eyewitnesses named Michelle told CNN that she was going to work across the street from a UPS facility when she noticed many UPS workers shouting and running down the street.

She was informed by them about the shooting incident at UPS facility, and they told her to run away from there. She, subsequently, ran a block away with the workers.

She also added that several people said it was the driver who opened fire with the gun.

Two mail workers confirmed that their colleague shot them. The police quickly pulled forces to the site of the incident.

The building was cordoned off, and police conducted an examination of the fleeing people. The UPS Center is located at the intersection of 17th Street and Vermont Street. It is the predominantly residential area of Portero Hill.

On the Twitter, San Francisco Police said that the special OPS continues to search the building for additional victims and witnesses.

Two shootings on same day

Today, it was the second shooting in the United States. This morning in Virginia, during training before a charitable baseball match, a 66-years-old man opened fire on a group of congressmen and their assistants.

The police were forced to use weapons against the attacker. He was wounded and died in the hospital. Several people were injured as a result of his attack. Among them, the deputy leader of Republicans in the House of Representatives of the Congress, Steve Scalise is the victim. At the moment his condition is estimated as stable