In a very touching move Skittles, known for its rainbow theme and their popular slogan "Taste the rainbow", decided to turn their colorful candies and their wrapping all white in honor of the LGBT+ community and the month of Pride.

Skittles made their thoughtful move with an explanation written on the candy packaging, "During Pride, only one rainbow matters. So we’ve given up ours to show support." In addition, the Wrigley company, who produces the candy, is donating money from their sales to certain LGBT+ charities initiatives.

This won't come off as a surprise for fans of the candy since last year they did the same thing for London Pride.

After their show of support was successful in receiving positive feedback from the public and their consumers, the company decided to try it again this year.

Whether it's only a marketing campaign or a truly heartfelt move we can all agree that it definitely got people talking.

White Skittles cause controversy online

It seems that not everyone is happy about the limited edition Skittles. As it is common whenever a famous name partakes in campaigns involving actions that can be seen as social and/or political arguments, it has sparked debate among people online.

Some people over on Twitter have argued against turning the candies white, stating that this decision can come off as racist. The main explanation behind this seems to be that the color white it's not an accurate representation of equality, which is one of the main aspects celebrated during Pride.

On the other hand, other consumers have jokingly complained about not being able to tell which flavor of the candy they are eating since they all look the same.

While this news has definitely sparked debate online, not everyone is unhappy about it. After all, it can still be said that the response to the Skittles campaign has been mostly positive since many have been supportive of it.

Skittles honors Pride month

Whether you agree or disagree with turning Skittles white, what's vital to remember is the reason behind it, which is Pride and the LGBT+ folks that celebrate it.

It is important to keep in mind that Pride Month is commemorated every June to celebrate the LGBT+ community. During this month the community honors its rights, their history, and most prominent figures. It constitutes a stand against the violence and discrimination that they face on a daily basis around the world while promoting positivity and love and celebrating diversity.