Almost 80 people created a live chain about 100 meters long to save nine members of a Family from drowning, as they got trapped into the strong current on Florida's beach, the CBS television channel reported.

According to the eyewitnesses and Police

A young couple, Jessica and Derek Simmons assumed that someone spotted a shark. They noticed police trucks on the beach and dozens of people far from the shore in the water crying and shouting for help.

The eyewitnesses Tabatha and Brittany Monroe were the first who heard the panic of the boys. They swam into the water to rescue the boys but could not help them as the water current was very strong.

In 10 minutes some swimmers saw Brittany and towed her to the shore. Soon, mother of the boys heard them and also caught in the rip currents with her nephew, mother, and husband.

Roberta Ursrey with her family trapped in the deep water

According to the channel, Roberta Ursrey (67) and her family were resting on the at M.B. Miller County Pier on the beach in Panama City, Florida. Suddenly, the woman noticed that her sons were swimming too far from the shore. The boys were screaming, so Roberta and her other relatives rushed into the water to get them out, but they themselves fell into the opposite direction.

The reverse flow is a deadly current that often occurs in coastal waves when the water flows at a right angle from the shore.

Usually, swimmers try to resist the current to swim ashore, but it takes them further, and people lose their strength quickly. As a result, nine people were trapped in the 15 feet of water.

The woman's mother had a heart attack while in the water. She was sent to the hospital. The rest of the family was not seriously injured.

According to the WKRG, only two people were injured in the incident and were hospitalized, including Ursrey's mother who suffered a heart attack, and one boy with a broken hand.

"She died on us for a few minutes," Ursrey wrote. "My dad passed in December and when my mom came around she told us she had seen my daddy and it wasn't her time yet.

So she came back to us."

Roberta and her family were lucky that, at that time, on the beach, there were really helpful people. They noticed how the family fought with the current, and quickly formed a chain of 80 people. They "towed" everyone through the chain and dragged them ashore, reports the Panama City News Herald.

"I am so grateful," Ursrey said. "These people were God's angels that were in the right place at the right time. Without them, we wouldn't be here."