American Senator John McCain, during his trip to Australia, accused Vladimir Putin of being the greatest threat to global security.

McCain was a guest on ABC's media program and on that occasion said Putin was "the first-class and most important threat, bigger than ISIS." In an interview for ABC, McCain said Trump was "nervous" and expressed concern about the accusations regarding secret ways of communications between a counselor at White House Jared Kushner and Russia.

Greater threat than ISIS

Asked to assess what exact threat to global security Russia's President Putin represents, McCain said Putin was considered the biggest threat, even greater than ISIS.

According to McCain, ISIS "makes terrible things and cares much of what is happening with the Islamic faith, but Russia is the one who tried to destroy the foundations of democracy and change the outcome of American elections." McCain added, that "he has not seen the evidence that the Russians have succeeded in that, but that they are still trying".

The new president of France, Emmanuel Macron met with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Macron invited Putin to attend the opening of the exhibition in honor of the three hundred anniversary of Peter the Great visiting France. "I have great respect for Russia and I have invited Vladimir Putin to visit us during the marking of 300 years of diplomatic cooperation," Macron said last weekend.

After a meeting that lasted almost three hours, Macron and Putin came out in front of journalists.

Intensifying cooperation

The French President said that serious international problems can not be resolved without Moscow and stressed that the importance of Russia is huge in the modern world, Russia Today writes. "No big problem in the world can be resolved without Russia," Macron said at the Media Conference after the meeting.

He also added that France is interested in intensifying cooperation with Russia, especially in the middle of the crisis in Syria. He concluded that the fight against the Islamic State is "an absolute priority" for France, but he also pointed out that the use of chemical weapons is the "red line" that can not be crossed and that the use of such weapons in Syria resulted in the retaliation of France.

At a press conference, Putin said that Russia and France are determined to establish cooperation on the crisis in Syria, Ukraine and the Korean peninsula and that they are prepared to work together and fight terrorism. Russian president added that he and Macron agreed to set up a working group to fight terrorism, reports Russia Today. Macron admitted that he and Putin had some disagreement, but added that they discussed them openly.