Sarah Huckabee Sanders just had a heated encounter with the reporters during Tuesday's televised briefing, where she specifically criticized the mainstream media for how they are handling the issue about Russia's interference during the 2016 presidential election.

Trump vs CNN, mainstream media

Speaking behind the podium to fill in for Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who was attending a GOP Senate luncheon on Capitol Hill, the Principal Deputy was asked by Breitbart's Charlie Spiering about Donald Trump's remarks against CNN on the issue of a story about Trump's campaign team and a Russian investment fund.

The White House correspondent was referring to the president's series of tweets which came after the media outlet retracted the article and accepted the resignations of the people involved in the publication of the controversial story. According to Fox News, Spiering asked Sanders if Trump was not pleased by CNN's action to address the issue.

The Principal Deputy answered this question by asking the members of the media to watch a viral video of CNN's John Bonifield slamming his own network for their coverage of Trump-Russia issue.

Sanders said the whole nation will be in danger if the media can no longer be trusted to provide the truth of what's really happening in America.

She even accused some media outlets of going the wrong way in order to increase their standings and ratings, stating that it is "more scary and certainly more disgraceful" if top networks are also doing this.

Sanders continued with her tirade and slammed the press for citing unnamed sources in their stories. She also insisted that the American people deserve more than just being fed of what she branded as "Russia-Trump hoax" which she said has been the focus of mainstream media.

'You're inflaming everyone'

After hearing the Principal Deputy's complaints about the media, Brian J.

Karem stepped up to defend the press for being accused of dishonesty. The correspondent told Sanders that her remarks were inflammatory and added that just like her, they are just doing their jobs as journalists.

During an interview with MSNBC, Karem frankly said that "it rankles [him]" to be labeled dishonest when some of them are even putting their lives on the line to provide the truth for the public. Sanders, on the other hand, fired back at him and explained that she was merely answering their questions.