US President Donald Trump accused the former President Barrack Obama of taking no action against the Russian involvement that reportedly played a vital role during the elections held in 2016. The US Presidential Election was held in November last year that declared Trump as the winner.

However, media sources revealed that the Obama administration was informed of the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s direct involvement to tamper the voting results in August. There were no significant actions taken by the Obama administration to prevent the election tampering.

Trump is facing severe pressure from all grounds for sacking two important diplomats and expressing his doubts over special council Mueller, who is investigating Trump for his alleged Russian influence. His statement accusing Obama in this situation is a calculated move that might help deviate the public and media attention for some time.

Obama’s stand over the accusation still not clear

In a recent revelation, it was found that Russia played an important part in deciding the future US President during the US Elections in 2016. It is believed that Putin was directly involved in the cyber hacking that attacked the US electoral system and helped Trump to win the race.

This means Obama and his team were well aware of this occurrence months before the election took place.

But, Obama didn’t take any significant actions against the same. Only at the end, he took some symbolic measure by evicting 35 diplomats and closing two Russian compounds.

However, these measures were made functional only after the elections were already over. It is believed that Obama and his team were quite confident over Hillary Clinton’s win in the US Presidential elections and he didn’t bother much about the Russian meddling.

He had feared to be accused of manipulating the election results and wanted to remain safe from any such charges. Obama also considered deploying cyber weapons in Russia and releasing secret information about Putin that ultimately didn’t happen.

What comes in future?

The prime question making rounds is, despite all the Blame Game and conflicts, what further action Trump is going to take to tackle the situation.

The Obama chapter is over and it does not hold much importance what Obama did and what he didn’t.

What US citizens are concerned about right now is what the present scenario is and what Trump is going to do about it. This is a tricky situation for Trump for sure which he needs to handle tactfully. Russia has always denied any kind of interference into US political sphere but the speculations are high and Trump needs to take some solid steps to come out clean from all the accusations.