After a sham trial, Otto Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment by the North Korean government. After which he developed a "severe neurological injury" as alleged by Warmbier's father.

What do we know?

Fred Warmbier, Otto's father, denounced the dictatorship regime that imprisoned his son. He held back his emotions when his son was returned to him on Thursday after being released from North Korean imprisonment on humanitarian grounds. At this time, it looks as though the North Koreans haven't been straightforward with us on Otto's condition.

This leaves many wondering what exactly happened.

"The fact that this is how they treated them is horrible, and difficult to process," the father reported. Warmbier's father had nothing but praise for the boy Saying that he was "tremendously proud" of his son. The father of the Virginia university student had heaps of scorn and criticism for North Korea calling the country "brutal and terroristic" and citing the result of their actions upon his son.

So what is his condition?

According to Kelly Martin, of the Cincinnati Medical Center, Otto has suffered a severe neurological injury, but is in stable condition. Otto's hometown, and in several small cities near Cincinnati, residents hung blue and white ribbons in memory and honor, and in solidarity with the family.

"This is a place where Otto had some of his best experiences," Fred Warmbier stated, with both of his sons on each side. Otto Warmbier's Mother, Cindy Warmbier, was with her 22-year-old son at the hospital, where she has remained since Otto arrived Tuesday night.

Cindy Warmbier wants the world to know her son is a fighter. That through the worst environment imaginable, Otto fought to stay alive.

All for the sake of seeing his family, and the people who love him. Fred Warmbier thanked the people who supported he and his family through the entire ordeal. Fred Warmbier then thanked the Trump administration for returning his son to him. President Trump contacted Fred Warmbier directly, curious about the condition of Otto, and urged the family to take care of themselves.

There are still three American tourists held prisoner by the North Korean regime. Kim Dong Chul was arrested in October 2015 and is being charged with Espionage. Kim Sang-Duk (A.K.A Tony Kim) was arrested April 21, 2017, and is charged with committing "hostile criminal acts with an aim to subvert the country." and Kim Hak-Song May 7, 2017, And was arrested for reasons Not yet known. With incidents like this happening, one has to wonder if any of them will get out alive. Our hearts and prayers go out victims and to the family.