The President Donald Trump criticized the media about the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller of possible Obstruction Of Justice by Trump. According to Trump's tweet on Thursday, the investigation by Mueller came up with a story about collusion with Russia, found no evidence.

In another tweet, Trump wrote: "You are witnessing the greatest witch-hunt in American history, led by very bad and conflicted people!"

Mueller interrogated Dan, Roger, and Richard

Recall that on Wednesday several American publications reported that in the "Russian case" the special counsel Robert Mueller extended the investigation to find out whether President Trump tried to obstruct justice.

The investigation began soon after the dismissal in May of the director of the FBI, James Comey, who was conducting an investigation into alleged links between the members of Trump's election headquarters and Russia. The existence of such ties is denied both in the White House and in the Kremlin.

According to the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, Mueller plans to interrogate US National Intelligence Director Dan Coates, head of the United States National Security Agency Michael S.

Rogers and his former deputy, Richard Ledgett.

According to the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, Ledgett compiled a memo in which he retold the contents of Trump's telephone conversation with Coates, in which the president asked publicly state that his campaign headquarters was not colluding with Russia.

Cental lines of many publications

According to the publications, one of the central lines of Mueller's investigation is Trump's conversations with Coates and CIA Director Mike Pompeo, held in late March, in which he allegedly asked them to intervene in the FBI's work by stopping an investigation into his ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn.

And a couple of days later Trump reportedly called Coates and Rogers, asking them to publicly refute suspicions that his associates had conspired with Russia in order to help him win the election.

The Washington Post also reported that, with a similar request, Trump turned to Rogers on the phone. According to the media, neither Coates nor Rogers asked Trump's request.

A week ago, speaking in the Senate, Coates and Rogers said that they did not feel any pressure from Trump, but refused to specify exactly what he was asking them to do.