We reported on Thursday that Rep. Steve Scalise was in critical condition. Recently, a press conference was held with updates.

Here's what we know.

Representative Steve Scalise was injured at a baseball practice by a disgruntled Illinois man. We reported to you on June 15th, 2017, that 66-year-old Illinois resident James T Hodgkinson, shot and injured five people at the republican baseball practice. The victims include a lobbyist, a congressional aid, and two capital hill police officers and Congressmen Scalise. Scalise was shot in the left hip by Hodgkinson and has remained in critical condition ever since.

The Game proceeded as planned.

The charity Congressional baseball game took place in spite of the previous days' events. The first pitch was thrown at 7:05 pm eastern standard time. The Game was played in honor of the Manchester victims. The Congressional Baseball Game was live streamed on the congressional Facebook page found in the list of Sources. The game was also streamed live on CNN.com, and the CNN app for iPhone, iPad, tablet, and Android. The Democrats defeated the Republicans 11-2.

So How are the victims doing?

The briefing started with Brett Horton who read a letter on behalf of the family. The letter stated they Stated how grateful they were for the two capital hill police who were also injured in the event.

The family stated if the police had not been there, things would have been worse. The support and prayer have been "overwhelming."

According to Dr. Sava, Deputy Crystal Griner sustained a single gunshot wound to her ankle. She is in good condition and good spirits. She is expected to make a full recovery. Dr. Sava continued, stating “Scalise has suffered a gunshot wound that struck his left hip, traveled to his right hip in, what we call a trans-pelvic gunshot wound.

The round then fragmented and caused significant damage to his bones, vessels, and organs. Scalise is stable, but still in critical condition.” the round fragmented and did substantial damage. By the time Scalise arrived in the trauma center, Scalise was in shock. According to Dr. Sava, "Upon arrival, Scalise was also hemorrhaging in many locations." According to Dr. Jack Sava, “Scalise has suffered significant damage to his bones, vessels, and organs " At the making of this article, there were "too many forks in the road" to say when Representative Scalise would be leaving the hospital.

So what happens now?

"An excellent recovery is a possibility." Said, Dr. Sava. The bullet struck the left side of his hip to the right side of his hip, causing what the medical community calls a "trans-pelvic" injury. The bullet then fragmented and damaged several organs and blood vessels. Many surgeries will be needed before recovery can take place. It's possible that weeks of recovery will be necessary. It would appear that orthopedic trauma surgery will be needed to repair the damaged hip bone. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family.