On Monday, President Donald Trump launched a plan that will privatize the Air Traffic Control system. The President was not in favor of the current system and supported the plan to transfer it to a private corporation for effective handling of route competence.

A fresh breath period in American aviation

The President saw an urgent need of modernization and promised “a great fresh period in American aviation.”

However, democrats were quick to hit back. They argued that Trump’s plan will lead to reduction of construction and there will be fewer jobs, predominantly in rural areas.

The old system termed as outdated

The President criticized the Federal Aviation Administration’s efforts to improve air traffic control. He added on that: “But after spending billions of tax dollars and the many periods of delays, we are still trapped with a primeval, wrecked, old-fashioned, horrible system that doesn’t work.”

He additionally blamed his predecessor Barack Obama for spending over $7 billion attempting to upgrade the system. Trump said the failure to upgrade the system as “a total waste of money.”

According to the Guardian, analysts found an enthusiastic selection for the kick-off of Trump’s infrastructure shove.

Rising number of passengers- the cause of flight delays

On Monday, Trump stressed that the U.S air traffic Control System was designed at a time when about 100,000 people flew each year.

In his argument, the major source of flight delays is the increased number passengers to 1 billion every year. He further argues that the flight delays cost the economy up to around $25 billion per year.

President Trump wondered why air traffic control system was still using ground-based radio systems and radars, at a time when each passenger had “GPS technology in their pockets.”

According to the new plan that was unveiled on Monday, FAA would be in charge of safety while the private corporation would be in charge of route efficiency.

The Guardian reports indicate that opponents have the fear that airline interests will dominate the board whose mandate is to oversee 300 air traffic facilities and close to 30,000 employees.

According to White House officials, the new entity would be supervised by a board of 13 members. Members of the board will be drawn from the airline industry, general aviation, airports and other parts.

Additionally, Trump plans to modernize bridges, roads, airports and railway at the course of the week.