There is no doubt that the firing of James Comey last month forced Republicans and Democrats come to some agreement in order to improve the former FBI Director's reputation. Blasting News reported on James Comey's last hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee days before he was fired, where he seemed to successfully fend off being used as a political pawn by both parties. As the article recalls, last year, Comey was targeted by Republicans and Democrats for not indicting Hillary Clinton.

Then later in the year, the FBI was investigating New York congressman Anthony Wiener when he sent a letter to congressional committee leaders -- Democrats and Republicans -- saying that they might have found a connection to their previous investigation on Clinton from emails in the Wiener investigation.

When this information was leaked by a Republican leader, it attempted to cast doubt on a vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton which the Liberal party blames for her losing the election to Donald Trump.

James Comey remains a bi-partisan target

In late May, the Washington Post revealed the details of a document sent to the FBI by Russian intelligence through routes and involving names whose reputations would only infuriate both liberals and conservatives. That route is George Soros' Open Society Foundations, an organization run by a Liberal billionaire who is constantly targeted by right-wing conspiracy theorists as being behind many liberal agendas.

The Washington Post's reportd doesn't seem to make James Comey any less of a target than he's already been.

The article says that the documents submitted by Russian intelligence claim that then chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, said that she that then Attorney General for the Justice Department Loretta Lynch told a Clinton campaign staffer that they would make sure the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton didn't go too far.

The FBI had determined that the report was not credible but as a matter of it existing, officials said that Comey felt he was forced to announce that he would close the investigation before Loretta Lynch did.

Comey's forced decision

If she were to close the investigation on Clinton, with public knowledge of the document, it would only inflame the narrative that Hillary Clinton and the DOJ were colluding with each other to prevent the investigation from proceeding.

Prior to him announcing that they would not charge Clinton, James Comey was not being used as a political pawn. There is no doubt that Comey was pressed up against the November 8, deadline to make a decision quickly on whether to take the intelligence seriously enough to act on it. It would be in this case that it would still give the appearance of guilt for just seeing the document.

During his last hearing, James Comey expressed that he felt mildy nauseous he might have swung the election over to Trump when he sent the mentioned letter to the congressional committee leadership. During his hearings, the Russian intelligence document was mentioned but the then FBI Director said that they would only talk about the document in a closed hearing. Another hearing was scheduled to take place in early June over a different investigation taking place on the Trump administration.