Prince Harry is not exempted from experiencing painful and traumatic human emotions, despite his royal status. Apparently, intense guilt was one of his most unforgettable experiences in life, as Meghan Markle’s beau shared the time he felt its pangs. He was with the British army in Afghanistan in 2008 when his presence in the battle front line leaked out to the press. He was left with no other option but to leave his men so as not to expose them to greater risk. Prince Harry revealed that it was a decision that he has no control over and said that leaving his men behind caused him so much guilt that he cannot swallow as reported by News.

Prince Harry has brushed with the realities of war

That was also the time he came face to face with the reality of war. He narrated that while he was waiting to board a plane, a casualty’s coffin was loaded on to the plane along with three others wrapped in plastic that were all in induced comas. He also saw some with missing limbs. Prince Harry admitted to have realized during that moment the sacrifices asked from all the men and women in the military. This realization has led him to create the Invictus Games for the sick and wounded military men back in 2014. He believes that sports have an unequaled ability to bring people together. It also enables them to rebuild their lives after their traumatic experiences during war.

Prince Harry promotes Invictus Games in Australia

This was expressed by Prince William’s brother during the promotion of the games in Australia. Invictus Games will happen in October 2018 in Sydney, Australia. He said in his speech that Sydney will surely make the games their own. The prince also said that despite the global terrorism threat, the games will somehow help people to look up to positive things.

The 32-year-old prince also gave importance to the victims of the recent terror attacks in Manchester. He informed that wounded veterans reached out to those who have been injured to provide advice and support.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and actress girlfriend Meghan Markle are getting serious as the the “Suits” star was already getting used to meeting the British royal family. A member of the prince’s polo team revealed that he is very happy with his girlfriend says Heat World.

Recently, they attended the wedding of Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa Middleton. Before the wedding, he and his brother, the Duke of Cambridge gave tribute to their late mother Princess Diana.

The youngest son of the Princess of Wales and Prince Charles admitted to have experienced intense pain because of the loss of his mother at a very young age. After many years, Prince Harry just got the chance to talk about his late mother that he avoided doing after her death.