North Korea is reportedly not pleased with Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from Paris agreement, which intends to fight the ongoing issue of climate change. In an official statement released by KCNA, the Pyongyang government slammed the U.S. president for his "selfish act" that is expected to pose "grave consequences" for an international movement participated by most countries.

Paris accord: 194 versus 3

A total of 194 nations agreed to follow the terms of the international effort to combat climate change, while three, including the U.S., Nicaragua, and Syria, pulled out from the Paris agreement.

Trump even delayed his decision and refused to give his commitment during the G7 summit in Sicily, Italy.

Speaking from the White House, the American leader confirmed the U.S. is "getting out" of the Paris agreement due to its "unfair" terms. The POTUS, however, added that he would reconsider their withdrawal if the Accord will offer a good deal that will benefit all parties.

"The Paris accord is very unfair at the highest level to the United States," the president insisted. "We will start to renegotiate, and we'll see if there's a better deal."

While most members of the Republican Party are convinced that Trump's decision was the right thing to do for the welfare of the American people, world leaders have expressed their disappointment on the U.S.

government's refusal to participate in an international effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

'Unreasonable and reckless'

The North Korean government likened Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris accord to his respond to Pyongyang's nuclear programs, which they deemed "unreasonable and reckless." North Korea added the leader's settlement showed "the height of egoism and moral vacuum seeking only their own well-being, even at the cost of the entire planet."

Pyongyang added that the U.S.

was "selfish" for backing out from the accord without realizing the "grave consequences" that could come after. It also said that the withdrawal would not only affect international efforts to protect the environment but will also pose negative effects to other areas of international relations.

North Korea has been pursuing environmental protection actions as a signatory of the Paris agreement. In fact, the Pyongyang government has declared a "war against deforestation" and has adopted the use of renewable technologies.